BREAKING: Headed To PRISON – Trump Bombshell Rocks Nation

The stunning announcement just dropped on national television. It was a bombshell about “prison” and President Donald Trump was named. Millions of people across the nation can’t believe it.

During an appearance on MSNBC, washed-up actor Jeff Daniels, best known for his role in 1994’s Dumb and Dumber, made sure his comments about Trump “heading to prison” lived up to his popular movie’s name.

Daniels invoked the faux controversy stirred up by the New York Times related to Trump’s tax returns before launching into an even more ridiculous tirade. “That’s who you’re voting for is a president who is heading to prison,” he said.

In context, the actor was clearly addressing Trump supporters and trying to make them feel guilty for supporting the president — and he even peddled one of the left’s ultimate pipedreams about Trump going to prison.

“If the Trump administration were a movie, a script, they would kick it back because the villain is too obvious,” Daniels continued. This, of course, is all he knows — his Hollywood reality and not the real-life concerns of typical Americans.

Daniels is even playing former FBI Director James Comey in a new Showtime miniseries called “The Comey Rule,” in which Comey is painted as a saint and Trump as some kind of villain. Truth be told, the show looks absolutely terrible.

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