BREAKING: He Wants To Be GOVERNOR! State Shocked By Announcement

A popular Republican wants to be governor and his home state is shocked by the announcement. This would change absolutely everything.

“I’m looking closely at Georgia’s race for Governor,” said former state Rep. Vernon Jones (R-GA). “If it weren’t for Brian Kemp, Donald Trump would still be President of these United States.”

“We need courageous conservatives leading our state, not those afraid to stand up to the Radical Left,” Jones concluded. Jones was once a Democrat and chose to follow a different course.

He became a Trump-supporting Republican and has never looked back. Now, with his eyes on the Georgia governor’s office, he has more words for Gov. Brian Kemp (R).

Jones criticized Kemp for being “unwilling to fight for the past four years” and pledged to be a strong governor — something Kemp clearly is not. It could be a political race for the ages.

“I’ll protect women’s sports, secure our elections, remove critical race theory from our schools, and fight to preserve our Georgia values,” said Jones in a statement to Breitbart News.

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4 Responses

  1. I hope this man is very successful, and will stick to his word! He has more sense in his little finger than the present Gov. of GA.

    1. I totally agree! Vernon Jones has paid a big price for becoming a Republican, so he’s in it for the right reasons. I hope people will back him in whatever course he decides to take. Great man!

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