BREAKING: He SURRENDERS – Top Democrats Shocks Nation

He just surrendered. A top Democrat has shocked millions across the nation — he was supposed to be one of the better ones and has now proven otherwise.

Businessman Andrew Yang (D) is currently running for mayor of New York City. Previously, he ran unsuccessfully for president. And he has just capitulated to the far-left, anti-Israel mob.

It all started with a simple statement. “I’m standing with the people of Israel who are coming under bombardment attacks, and condemn the Hamas terrorists,” tweeted Yang.

“The people of NYC will always stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel who face down terrorism and persevere,” he concluded. But it wasn’t long before the ‘woke’ left attacked him on social media.

The response was about as disgusting as one could imagine. As just two examples, one leftist told Yang to “get f****ed,” while another called him “an actual twat.” Yang eventually gave in.

In a long, unnecessary statement, Yang apologized to the very mob that attacked him, claiming to have spoken to “a group of volunteers” who “were upset” by his pro-Israel tweet. He isn’t ready for primetime.

Read the full story here.

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