BREAKING: He Says It’s Time To Go – Limbaugh Stuns Fans

Conservative superstar Rush Limbaugh just stunned millions of fans across America. He said it’s time to go — and he wasn’t kidding this time. The news couldn’t be more shocking.

According to the radio legend, there’s no way that former Vice President Joe Biden remains on the Democratic ticket. “Biden is somebody that’s not gonna be on the ticket anyway,” he said. “Something’s gonna happen.”

Limbaugh continued: “They can’t possibly, they can’t possibly go into the race with the guy on the ticket. He couldn’t withstand one debate with Trump if there were any debates.”

As always, Limbaugh is right. The Democratic Party would be stupid to keep Biden — especially in light of the sexual assault allegations from one of his former Senate aides, Tara Reade. Her claims may even be credible.

But even if they turn out not to be, Democrats have “gotten caught” in an obvious state of hypocrisy concerning the #MeToo movement — something they have given lip-service to for quite some time now.

After all, if Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser should be believed, why not Reade? But we know the answer to that question: It is because Reade is going after the presumptive Democratic nominee.

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