BREAKING: He Said He is RUNNING – GOP Stunned

The ultra-important swing state of Ohio just got stunning news about the next GOP candidate.

Considered one of the “more vocal members of the pro-Trump wing” of the Republicans within the House of Representative, “Rep. Warren Davidson said on Saturday that he is considering running for either Ohio governor or U.S. senator from Ohio in 2022,” according to a Fox News report.

“I have considered the Ohio Senate, you know, senator for the state of Ohio. I was surprised that Senator Portman wasn’t running. And, look, it’s flattering to have my name come up in that race and frankly, in the governor’s race,” said Davidson while at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). “So we’re taking a hard look at our options.”

Davidson criticized the current Republican governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine:

Gov. DeWine’s approach has been overbearing. It has caused more harm than it needed to, a lot of collateral damage. And I wish he had taken more cues from Gov. DeSantis [of Florida].

To read more about Davidson’s comments including the future of the Republican party and Donald Trump, click here.

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