BREAKING: He REFUSES Request From Jan. 6 Committee – Democrats Furious…

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sent a letter on Friday in response to the Jan. 6 committee subpoena signaling that he will not be complying with the committee’s requests.

Elliot Berke, who works as McCarthy’s attorney, listed the reasons why McCarthy won’t comply. The main reason being that the Jan. 6 committee is a hyper-partisan body dedicated to witch-hunting former President Trump and his supporters.

Berke said, “In composition, in conduct, in press releases, public statements, interviews, and correspondence, the Select Committee is clearly not acting within the confines of any legislative purpose. In light of the above-described deficiencies, it is unclear how the Select Committee believes it is operating within the bounds of law or even within the confines of the authorizing resolution.”

McCarthy was initially open to the committee, but that burned to the ground when House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to allow McCarthy to pick the Republicans that would be on the committee.

Other Republicans subpoenaed by the committee have been similarly closed off to complying with the committee’s requests.

Democrats both on and off the committee will no doubt be furious to hear that McCarthy and the rest of the Republicans in Congress will not participate in their kangaroo court.

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