BREAKING: HE LIED TO CONGRESS – Impeachment Destroyed

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA)’s first congressional campaign now has a rich irony to it: turns out, a major part of Schiff’s platform for his inital House run was an attack on his opponent’s role in impeaching Bill Clinton.

Schiff used then-Rep. James Rogan (R-CA)’s impeachment role heavily in campaign literature and to raise money for his run, and was ultimately successful in defeating Rogan.

One of the accusations Schiff made against Rogan was that he neglected legislative priorities to focus on impeachment. It’s an accusation that is now being made by Republicans against Schiff.

Bill Clinton hosted a rare fundraiser for Schiff at the time. And as public sentiment turned against impeachment after the fact, then-Gov. George W. Bush declined to make an appeal for Rogan because of his part as one of two prosecutors, in exactly the role Schiff has now.

No one should be surprised that any Democrat would talk out of both sides of his mouth, but maybe Schiff should watch his back. Conditions may be ripe for some paypack in 2020.

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