BREAKING: He Just Took The Lead And The Democrats Are TERRIFIED…

Everything Trump touches turns into more votes, and that is true for Republican candidate J.D. Vance.

“J.D. Vance has taken a huge lead in Ohio’s Senate race after receiving the endorsement of former President Donald Trump,” a Fabrizio, Lee & Associates poll revealed.

“Vance’s lead in the competitive primary race has reached seven percentage points. Vance polled 25 percent support among 800 Republican primary voters. Before Trump’s endorsement in March, Vance held 18 percent,” according to Breitbart News.

“The endorsement clearly played a role in this improvement, as Vance leads by 19-points among those aware he was endorsed by Donald Trump” the pollers said. “However, this only accounts for 53% of RPV. Nearly half do not yet know of Trump’s endorsement of Vance,” the pollsters analyzed.

The Ohio Republican Senate primary election will take place May 3.

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