BREAKING: He Just RESIGNED… End of the Road

He just abruptly resigned. It is the end of the road and people are in shock. This is what happens when a series of bad mistakes catch up with a rising star — it all comes crashing down.

Instead of facing disciplinary action, a young New York City police officer resigned from his post and forfeited any benefits, including a pension, after an investigation found him guilty in a 2018 incident.

The now-former officer, Michael J. Reynolds, “broke into a black woman’s home in Tennessee and threatened her and her sons with a racist slur,” according to NBC News.

He was attending a bachelor party with a couple of colleagues when, according to the report, “He forced his way into a home … here Conese Halliburton lived with her children.”

Reynolds and the two other unidentified officers had rented an Airbnb “doors away” from where Halliburton lived. Video surveillance revealed that Reynolds yelled racial slurs after breaking in.

He served 15 days in jail after pleading “no contest” to the charges against him, however, he will not face disciplinary action from the NYPD due to his resignation from the force.

Read the full story here.

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