The head of UK’s Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn said Friday that he will step down early next year after his party lost 42 seats in last week’s election, handing conservative Boris Johnson a huge victory.

The Bernie Sanders of the UK, Corbyn had an approval rating of only 20% going into the election. In addition to stepping down, Corbyn said he would not lead the party for any future elections.

Part of the Labor Party’s defeat stemmed from delays of the implementation of Brexit and suggestions that the will of the voters might not be followed in leaving the European Union. Corbyn was ambivalent about Brexit, but the Labor Party’s stance on leaving the EU was considered muddled and didn’t resonate with voters growing tired of waiting for their will to be implemented.

UK cities still supported the Labor Party, but the rural working class voters in small towns departed from previous voting patterns and went strongly conservative to defeat many Labor Party candidates.

The Labor Party has been out of power for the last 10 years, and last week’s defeat further solidified their losses.

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