BREAKING: He Just RESIGNED Abruptly – Entire Nation Shocked

A high-level government official has stepped down. He just resigned abruptly and the entire nation is in shock. No one expected this to happen.

After serving as Russian prime minister for eight years, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev “has resigned from government along with all of his ministers,” according to a report by The Hill.

The report went on to observe that  “President Vladimir Putin appears to be solidifying his efforts to stay in power past the end of his term,” which is also a stunning decision.

Putin, in an unprecedented move, is expected to create a new position of power for himself within the Russian government. His term as president ends in 2024 and he cannot seek re-election.

For Medvedev’s part, his will reportedly be “appointed as deputy of the presidential security council,” and the search will begin for a replacement. It has likely already begun.

While additional details are scarce, Putin expressed displeasure with Medvedev’s ministers and is seeking a fresh start. This appears to be a power play on his part to further solidify his influence for years to come.

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