BREAKING: He Just LEFT The Country – World In Shock

President Trump just left the country without warning. The world is in shock, but this plan was secretly in the works — it was simply kept under wraps for security purposes.

At appr0ximately 8:30 pm, Trump arrived in Afghanistan at Bagram Air Force base to surprise U.S. troops for Thanksgiving. Videos of his appearance were tweeted out by the White House’s social media director, Dan Scavino, Jr.

The excitement was immediately apparent when he arrived, with troops asking Trump to take photos with them as he walked through the cafeteria shaking hands. He also helped serve dinner and addressed the group that had gathered.

Trump said: “There’s nowhere I’d rather spend Thanksgiving than with the toughest, fiercest warriors. I’m here to say Happy Thanksgiving and thank you very much.”

“As president of the United States, I have no higher honor than serving as commander-in-chief,” Trump continued. “We will continue to work tirelessly for the day when all of you can go home to your families, and that day is coming very soon.”

Of course, the mainstream media will always be perplexed by how Trump is received by our troops. Whether it’s 8,000 miles away or right here at home, he is met with a level of respect that is rarely afforded a president.

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