BREAKING: He Is Coming Back To Office – GOP Voters Are Ready…

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) shocked his Republican supporters by announcing that he will be seeking a third term, breaking his promise to only be a two-term senator.

Back in November, Johnson appeared to be preparing to retire, saying during a town hall, “The fact of the matter is my preference would be to go home.”

However, it seems that Johnson’s Republican allies have pressured him into returning for a third term as Wisconsin will be a critical state to hold in the 2022 midterm elections.

Wisconsin is widely viewed as one of the few states where Democrats can make real gains in the midterm elections. Senator Johnson retiring would only help Democrats at a time when Republicans need all hands on deck.

Senator Johnson’s return should crush Democrat hopes of snagging another Senate seat, and Republicans should be able to hold their position.

While the House is undoubtedly going to fall into Republican hands, keeping the balance in the Senate is crucial. Republicans have few opportunities to steal seats and instead will focus on holding the seats they already have.

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