BREAKING: He Has Officially Resigned – Nation In Shock

Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost has officially resigned in protest of English Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s liberal policies.

Frost’s shocking exit from Johnson’s government signals growing discontent in the Tory party. Tory voters are sick and tired of coronavirus lockdowns which the Prime Minister seems to be so fond of.

Frost may very well be the first of many resignations as Johnson’s leadership is being called into question.

Johnson’s stance on coronavirus restrictions and endorsement of a “national conversation” on mandatory vaccination of all citizens has caused outrage in conservative circles.

It seems to be only a matter of time until Johnson is run out of town as the Tory Party continues to take losses.

Just this week, Liberal Democrats trounced the Tory’s in an election that could be a harbinger of things to come. Since this is a rapidly evolving situation, it will be worth keeping a steady eye on what is happening in Boris Johnson’s administration.

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