BREAKING: He Confirms He’s Quitting Politics – World Is In Shock

The news just dropped and the world is in shock — he is quitting politics for good. Millions of people are now wondering who will replace him.

“Nigel Farage announced on Saturday night that he would be stepping away from electoral politics and standing down as the leader of the Reform UK party,” reported Breitbart News. But this doesn’t mean he’s going away.

Now that Brexit has finally been accomplished after years of delay, Farage said that electoral politics “is now over for me” and he would fight “the increasing influence of the Chinese Communist Party over our whole way of life.”

Farage lamented that “the British establishment effectively have sold out to it,” something he presumably plans to further discuss in the future. And you can count on him being a force on this issue like he was with Brexit.

He should be commended for his years of service to the British people as a voice for independence and commonsense. In many ways, Farage is the UK’s version of former President Donald Trump.

Both leaders put their countries first, in spite of the uphill battle against the political establishment and a hostile media hellbent on destroying them. They have made their respective countries a better place.

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