BREAKING: He Chooses Michelle Obama – Trump Stunned

He just chose former First Lady Michelle Obama and President Donald Trump is shocked. Obama is now front and center with less than 100 days until the election. This is a stunning turn of events.

“It is not clear when Michelle Obama, who delivered what was widely regarded as the best speech at the 2012 convention, will speak,” reported The New York Times. The Biden campaign has chosen Obama to be a speaker at the upcoming convention.

Planners of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) “believe her address could attract the widest viewership outside of Mr. Biden’s,” and she “has been spending much of her time in recent days working on her speech” at home.

For several months, Obama upped her national profile by taking media interviews, starting a podcast, and releasing a best-selling book in 2018. She is certainly a darling of the Democratic Party — with many wishing Biden would’ve picked her for VP.

Instead, Biden chose to give her a prime-time speaking slot at the DNC and announced that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) would be his running mate. It has yet to be seen whether his choice will energize the base or further fracture the party.

As for Obama, perhaps she could be simply waiting for a more opportune moment to run for president herself. It is possible that if Trump is re-elected on November 3, she will set her sights on a campaign in 2024. Only time will tell.

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