BREAKING: He Actually Declared Biden GUILTY – Congress Stunned…

As President Joe Biden desperately tries to blame Vladimir Putin for all of the U.S.’s economic problems, Republicans including Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) have sought to hold him responsible for the runaway inflation and record-high gas prices.

Johnson said Wednesday on Fox News that Biden is “delusional” and that all of the crises Biden is now trying (and failing) to deal with are a direct result of his promise to “fundamentally transform America.”

“They’re fundamentally destroying this nation, and it’s because of the radical left policies,” he continued. “These things didn’t just happen. This isn’t just bad luck on his watch. He caused all of these crises — he and his colleagues, his enablers in Congress.”

It’s good that Republicans like Johnson are holding Biden’s feet to the fire and doing what they can to make it clear that Biden is responsible for all the problems plaguing his administration.

If the voting public doesn’t hear this message, they will not know that the way to end these problems is to vote Republican and get as many Democrats as possible out of power in November, and also in 2024.

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