BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein CAUGHT – The Clintons Are…

While many are familiar with Harvey Weinstein and his actions, not many know about what was happening behind the scenes. The months leading up to the reveal of Weinstein’s actions were full of insane drama worthy of a Bond film.

The levels that Weinstein went to in an effort to protect himself really show how powerful people like him (and the Clinton’s) are.

In a groundbreaking confession, a spy working for a Mossad linked intelligence firm is now testifying that Weinstein hired her to smear and discredit his accusers.

The spy, Stella Penn Pechanac, was working for Black Cube, and was tasked with befriending actress Rose McGowen and obtaining a draft of her book detailing accusations against Weinstein.

Weinstein knew he was in serious danger and was willing to go to any length to smear and discredit his victims.

Powerful people like Harvey Weinstein and the Clinton’s and the other members of the elite have almost unlimited power to destroy and smear their opponents. This story may sound like the plot of a Bond film, but the reality is it is real life. It’s wise for everyday Americans to wake up to this fact sooner rather than later.

Read the full story here.

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