BREAKING: Harvard Professor NAILS Twitter – It’s About Time

A longtime, well-respected Harvard professor — which appears to be in short supply these days — just absolutely nailed Twitter. It’s about time.

Professor Alan Dershowitz said: “YouTube is no longer a platform, and Twitter is no longer a platform. It’s a partisan political tool that can be used for purposes that were unintended by Section 230.”

He went on to say that “section 230 must be amended, or at least interpreted not to apply to platforms that censor.” He completely right — and every major social media company would be wise to listen.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are not platforms; they are publishers now due to their selective censorship practices that ultimately show preference to one political view over others.

If this was only about applying general community standards, no one would be having this conversation. But they have gone well-beyond enforcing consistent, easy-to-follow standards on illegal and explicit content.

Dershowitz should be commended for seeing the issue so clearly, especially when surrounded by far-left colleagues. As he said, these platforms “pose a danger to the culture of the First Amendment, to the marketplace of ideas, to the freedom of Americans to pick and choose.”

Read the full story here.

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