BREAKING: Hannity Confirms Fears – Fox Fans In Shock

Sean Hannity said Thursday on his Fox News show that a lawsuit by Texas against the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan deserves to be heard by the Supreme Court.

Hannity acknowledged it was an “uphill battle” for the case to be heard but insisted that it had merit.

“But this lawsuit is real. It’s the real deal,” he said. “It’s right on the law, it’s right on the Constitution. It deserves to be heard, and they offered plenty of remedy and opportunities for the states to do their constitutional duty, follow the law and get this right.”

Hannity was hoping that the Supreme Court would rule that the four states did not have the right to change election rules without the legislature. Each of the states had election rule changes done by the courts or executive branch, which the suit says is illegal.

President Donald Trump could win a second term if the Supreme Court somehow nullifies the vote count in those four states, all of which are led by Joe Biden in the current official vote count.

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