BREAKING: Hannity Breaks The News – It’s Happening

Fox News host Sean Hannity reported on Wednesday that Michael Horowitz’s Inspector General report proved that the FBI spied on President Donald Trump and that James Comey was responsible for the mistakes that were made by FBI officials in getting FISA warrants for that spying.

After hearing Horowitz’s testimony Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Hannity said, “[Horowitz’s testimony] showed one thing that is perfectly clear, under the corrupt leadership of Jim Comey … a small group of high ranking, powerful officials, yes, as Barr the Attorney General confirmed, spied on the Trump campaign,” Hannity said. “As the Inspector General [Horowitz] also confirmed.”

Comey came out after the report was released and said he had been vindicated by it, but Hannity addressed Comey and said it was “just your latest lie.”

“Hey, ‘Super Patriot,’ Jim Comey. That’s your FBI. That’s you. You did that,” Hannity said. “You hurt the premier law enforcement agency of the world, not the rank and file. They are fantastic.”

A report by Special Prosecutor John Durham is still to come, and has recently turned into a criminal probe that could lead to indictments.

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