BREAKING: Gun Control Bombshell Rocks Congress [Developing]

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) was blunt about where she thinks President Joe Biden’s gun control push is going if Republicans retake the House majority after the midterms.

While it was a positive that Biden hasn’t been able to actually enact any of the measures he has been pushing since taking office, Cammack said we have to remain vigilant for 2022 as well.

“The worst thing we could possibly do is rest on our laurels,” she said. “We have to remain ever vigilant. The left, they will take and find ways to incorporate gun control measures into any piece of legislation, even if has nothing to do with Second Amendment or any of the issues dealing with law enforcement or constitutional rights. They will find ways to tuck these measures into these bills.”

“What we have to do for the next 12 months–and it’s going to be painful–but we just have to hold on, and hold on tight, and keep exposing the hypocrisy and the evil control agenda that the left wants. And when we take back the House, all this sh*t stops,” she said.

Just hang on, Republicans.

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