BREAKING: Gun Confiscation Announcement – It’s Really Happening

Second Amendment activist Colion Noir told Tucker Carlson that behind vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s rhetoric about gun control is an intention to confiscate them from law-abiding citizens, using government force to do so if needed.

“[Harris] can use whatever pretty fancy words and euphemisms she wants to use,” Noir said, “but what she’s talking about is literally taking people’s guns and I think people really need to grasp that.”

Harris has talked about “mandatory buyback” of assault weapons and said that they were weapons of war” with “no place on the streets of a civil society.”

“She is not inherently anti-gun,” Noir responded. “She has anti-gun for you and me. But when it comes to her having guns or whoever she has enforcing her law, she doesn’t have a problem with that.”

In my short experience of Harris, she strikes me as an authoritarian power-seeker who has a different standard for government power than she does for the average person trying to live a free life in the U.S. She’s the last person I want in charge of our country.

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