BREAKING: Gun Ban Shocker – Democrats Stun Nation

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is citing “domestic terrorism” as a reason to ban assault weapons in legislation recently passed by the Democrat-controlled House.

“We’re now seeing a rise in domestic terrorism, and military-style assault weapons are increasingly becoming the guns of choice for these dangerous groups,” Feinstein said.

The legislation would ban 205 different weapons that Feinstein and Democrats consider to be assault weapons.

Nearly 20 million sport rifles are also considered assault weapons and future sales would be banned.

Feinstein said that the weapons banned by the bill are “weapons designed for war [that] have no place on the streets of a civilized society.”

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18 Responses

    1. First off she lied about there being a increase in domestic terrorism. For those of you too young to know The watts rioters were 50 years ago and almost 10 years after the African Americans had been given preferential treatment in schools, college placement, government contracts, and hiring. Despite this institutional systematic enforced by law black privilege the blacks still committed domestic terrorism throughout the `960’s and 70’s.

      The origins of antifa are the Portland anarchists of 30 years ago. they have been committing domestic terrorism for that long.

      Then of course the first round of blm was four years ago and they have been committing domestic terrorism that long. with their fake “police or killing blacks for no reason story”

      We saw the democrat paid antifa/blm rioters throughout last year which was democrat paid domestic terrorism.

      there there is the constant democrat effort to bring illegals across the border. they do not care if they are terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers, disease infested or any other issue. Just let them in.

      If feinstein cared about safety or Americans she would have done a lot of things differently for a lot of years. The fact is she only cares that gun bans are a democrat talking point so she is going to push it.

      No the claim of domestic terrorism is not an excuse for violating the second amendment

      Every single liberal / democrat is a moron and things like this prove it.
      She is probably waiting for a gun company to give her a bribe to shut up.

  1. Stop messing with “OUR” , WE THE PEOPLEs rights. 2nd amendment,The right the bare arms” just in case you Democrats are ALL Senile!!
    It’s NOT guns that kill,people’s hands can do just as much damage.. are you going to ban using our hands as well??
    leave the constitution alone!!

  2. when are our legislatures going to wake up and realize the gun does not kill unless the user uses it that way. We already have background checks in place and the government does not go after those that try to purchase a gun on the black market. Why make the law abiding citizens suffer by placing more laws on people. I also love it when they keep referring to semi auto weapons as automatic weapons, they don’t know one from the other. Even Biden says use a shotgun and shoot over their heads, that is the dumbest thing you could do if you have to stop a attacker. I have vented enough, until we get rid of the demoncrats things will not change for the better.

  3. Groups wouldn’t be dangerous if you listened to people instead of make laws and decisions that are not ‘The People” inspired. The reason citizens are incensed is because politicians are dangerously dividing the country against itself and are working for a Global stance that neutralizes the citizens of our country however politicians still want to spend our tax dollars with no representation of the people.

  4. From the way this reads, they know who the “domestic terrorist groups” are. Why don’t they lock them up and leave the rest of us alone. Sport gun owners are not terrorists, but they are being treated like they are. Stop the nonsense!!!

  5. Lock and load, the time is here. No more talking, commies / dictators don’t listen to the people, only to the lies they tell themselves.

  6. Senator Diane Feinstein had a Communist agent for over a Decade as her Car Driver. Now she wants to rewrite our 2nd amendment to suit Communist China ? How many secrets did this Senator reveal to Red China ! We the People cannot allow these Corrupt Politicians destroy our Bill of Rights . Time too Flush the Toilet. Case Closed .

    1. Interesting that someone that had a spy as her personal chauffeur for 20 years has the guts to think she has a right to take guns fromlaw abiding citizens. Beforeyou take the law abiding citizens guns you get the gansters, the cartels, the secret service and the politicians to give up their rights to have armed officials protect their broken lives. As well as removetheir doors, fences, walls and security guards from their properties. If we can’t protect ourselves then they cannot either.

  7. It’s not crime control they are after it’s people control. Once they get the guns you are at there mercy. Oh and by the way you can expect the same mercy shown by any other dictator. NONE !

    1. Amen my friend just remember for those that actually remember OUR history Nikita Kruchiev said We Will Bury You Without firing a shot you will fall from within! That is what the democrats are doing dividing and conquering

  8. This president and fake government can go to hell. They are going to find themselves in trouble.

    Why did the need the national guard then. They talk big. Should fly them over the jungle and dump their butts in the middle of it and let them walk out with out any life saving equipment. They will learn very quickly what will happen to them. I know an island in India that would be perfect. The natives hate everyone. No one allows in but with this group they may change the rules.

  9. These groups are not dangerous. They are the real patriots of this country. The democrats are getting afraid of the people of this country because they know that they will be starting a war in this country against the democrats for all the damn dumb things the democrats are trying to do in this country,.

  10. I did not miss any fields that are marked * as required! Could you possibly display for me the fields that I supposedly omitted?

  11. They need to leave ALL of our constitutional rights alone, free speech, guns, voting, etc. Using domestic terrorism is just an excuse to take our guns. Dems just need to STOP pushing their agenda and listen to the people!!!!

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