BREAKING: Gun Ban Bombshell – Nation In SHOCK

A gun ban bombshell just dropped and the news is spreading nationwide. Millions of people are in shock — they can’t believe this happened. Liberals have crossed the line again.

“A close examination of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s ban of 1,500 ‘assault weapons’ reveals the list of prohibited firearms includes a number of bolt action rifles,” reported Breitbart News this week.

This revelation proves one thing clearly: Anti-gun liberals will call anything an ‘assault weapon’ in order to push a ban, even firearms that do not fit into the category at all — and the reason is abundantly obvious.

It is only a matter of time before anti-gun liberals in the United States become even bolder, especially as Canada prepares to crack down on basic hunting and sporting rifles that have been used “for over a century.”

Bolt action rifles, as most people know, “do not have a self-loading action,” so they can’t be even thinly categorized an ‘assault weapons’ — they are not automatic or semi-automatic firearms.

Specifically, Trudeau has included in his ban “.50 caliber bolt action rifles.” Models include popular firearms such as the Barrett M99 and the SIG 50, not to mention a host of others. And it could happen here if we aren’t vigilant.

Read the full story here.

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