BREAKING: Gretchen Whitmer Drops Out – Michigan Stunned

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer just dropped out. Millions of people are stunned — she has reached a new political low and may be finished.

According to a new poll, Whitmer’s overall approval in Michigan “dipped below 50 percent,” reported Breitbart News. It is a disastrous sign for her support in the midst of several scandals.

It is even more telling that the poll was conducted by Progress Michigan, “a far-left advocacy group,” noted Breitbart. Support for how she has handled COVID-19 is also tepid.

A razor-thin majority, 51 percent, currently “said they approved of Whitmer’s handling of the coronavirus.” On this issue alone, then, she has turned off 49 percent of voters.

Whitmer is up for re-election in 2022 during a year that is expected to be favorable to Republicans, meaning she is in danger of being limited to a single term as governor.

So far, a Republican challenger hasn’t been announced, but former U.S Senate candidate John James (R) is considering a run. He would be a formidable opponent for the embattled Whitmer.

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8 Responses

  1. This is utopia sent. Getting rid of this albatros is #1 on the list. She been #1 in lies, grabbing control where she has none and just plain being evil and coniving. We need her gone and someone who knows their limits and has a brain. Forrest Hills Central has many stories about her promiscuousness. They surmise thats how she got elected. Had nothing else going for her.

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  3. John would be a great Gov. for that state. He would right the downward direction of that state. He is a GREAT MAN for the job.

  4. Run John Run. You have my full support. Knock this intolerable Witch off of her perch. She is nothing but a self serving demoncrate.

  5. I still believe John James won the race over Peters in 2020, But, would love to have him as my governor..Just make sure the Dam voting machines are not what we had in 2020.

  6. Whitmer Nessel Benson ALL NEED TO GO! There are several great candidates getting into the ring!
    Ryan Kelly
    Andrew Chenge
    Garrett Saldono to name a few.

    Stabenow, Peters & Duggan are NEXT TO GO

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