BREAKING: Graham Tells Trump No – Refuses To…

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) just told President Trump ‘no.’ He refused to outright agree with the president and has proposed another way. Whether they will be able to move beyond this impasse is anyone’s guess.

During an interview on Fox News, Graham tried to temper expectations about being back to normal by Easter — something Trump has proposed. He said acting too quickly could lead “to a spike in the virus.”

“My goal is to turn on the economy, but it’s got to be conditions-based,” Graham continued. “If the data supports it, I’m for it. If it doesn’t, I’m against it.” But he also gave Trump credit for wanting to “jumpstart the economy.”

It appears that Graham is simply trying to temper expectations — he doesn’t want to say or promote anything he may regret later. When it comes to fighting the coronavirus, much as it stake and he wants to be methodical about it.

That said, Trump should be lauded for striking a hopeful tone. He wants Americans to know that the end is coming and we will eventually drive this pandemic out of our country. He is leading with optimism.

While Graham and Trump have a different way of approaching things sometimes, they are both united on what matters. A disagreement over messaging isn’t going to change the trust that’s been built between them.

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