BREAKING: Gov’t To Drop Bombshell On Big Tech – Facebook Stunned

The Polish Government dropped a bombshell on Big Tech companies as Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki has vowed to “defend freedom of speech on the internet.” Following President Trump’s removal from Twitter, Morawiecki said, “the owners of social media networks cannot operate above the law.”

Poland experienced dictatorial rule for the better part of the 20th century as a Soviet satellite. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Poland has been a bastion of freedom.

As social media corporations dare to censor President Trump and control information in the US, Poland is rising to oppose them.

Morawiecki said, “For close to 50 years we lived in a country in which censorship was practiced, in which Big Brother told us how we are meant to live and what we are meant to feel, and what we are not allowed to think, say or write.”

He went on to warn of the rise of corporations on the internet, saying, “It became dominated by huge, international corporations, wealthier and more powerful than many nations.”

The greatest threat to our freedoms is no longer the power of governments but rather the power of corporations to control information and discussion. If Facebook and Twitter can control the conversation of entire countries, they can control the country.

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