BREAKING: Gov’t Spying On Christians – Millions Of Cameras…

The government is spying on Christians. There are allegedly millions of cameras everywhere and one watch-dog group is sounding the alarm. People of faith around the world need to pray. This is terrifying.

According to a report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), the Chinese government — ruled by the Chinese Communist Party — has created “an Orwellian surveillance state with an unprecedented ability to gather private information about its citizens.”

The USCIRF is specifically concerned about “the Chinese government’s use of surveillance and data analytic technology to oppress religious groups.” Their report detailed how “authorities have systematically installed cameras in churches” and “facial and voice recognition” is even being used.

Christians have long been persecuted in China, but the nation’s government — currently reeling from one scandal after another — appears to be cracking down even more, and the attack on religion isn’t limited to Christians: Uyghurs and Tibetans are also being targeted.

The USCIRF’s chairperson, Gayle Manchin, urged the United States to take action and hold the Chinese government accountable for its systematic oppression of religious people. As with any communist state, religion is the enemy because it competes with the power of government.

With the world’s spotlight on the Chinese Communist Party — from religious persecution to covering up the origins of COVID-19, and from restricting freedoms in Hong Kong to manipulating the global economy — China has a lot to answer for and there will soon be a reckoning.

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