BREAKING: Gov’t Sex Scandal EXPLODES – Photos Reveal Lawmakers Were…

A major government scandal just exploded. Photographic evidence has revealed the worst — lawmakers were engaged in dirty acts.

According to Breitbart News, Australian legislators were “performing sex acts inside Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra” and there is photo and video evidence to prove it.

One image “showed a male pointing to the desk of a female Liberal MP [Member of Parliament], before performing a solo sex act on it,” noted Breitbart, based upon a News Corp Australia report.

The evidence was “leaked to Australian media outlets” and has caused an uproar across the country, with at least one Parliament staffer allegedly at the center of the scandal being fired.

The room that these sex acts were performed in was known as a “prayer room.” One whistleblower, identifying only as Tom, said, “I can probably say there is very little meditation or prayer going on in that room.”

With such a massive, disgusting sex scandal occurring in a nation’s government that doesn’t exactly hit international headlines often, it isn’t difficult to wonder about our own government and what would be going on behind closed doors.

Read the full story here.

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4 Responses

  1. What is going on in our world today … Government supposed to be high moral people leading a country …instead some turned into low life activities … They should resign and not an example .Shocking !!!

  2. We knoybut they won’t let anything leak out! I want to see who, how much was paid and to whom it was paid. I want tax returns on 535 current members

  3. Evil has taken over our government, it’s time to stomp it out, and send them back to hell from which they came. It’s time to take a stand . Pick a side , choose a lane. Rise up True Americans.

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