BREAKING: Gov’t Hired SPIES To Identify Lockdown Violators

One of the world’s most powerful governments just hired spies to identify lockdown violators. Millions of people are stunned by this unprecedented move and terrified about what might come next.

“The Italian government announced Sunday it is recruiting 60,000 volunteer ‘civic assistants’ as informants to report on anyone violating norms concerning the use of masks and social distancing,” reported Breitbart News.

Italy, one of the first heavily-populated nations hit after the COVID-19 virus escaped China, has been reeling for months. The outbreak has taken the lives of nearly 33,000 Italians and infected over 230,000 more.

However, Italy’s government has finally started to loosen its lockdown measures, considered to be some of the strictest enacted by any nation. And now ‘civic assistants’ are being employed to enforce social distancing practices.

“The plainclothes informants have received instructions to watch for abuses of state-mandated safety norms and to report on violators,” continued Breitbart’s report. Does this sound like a dystopian sci-fi story to anyone else?

The government even released a statement attempting to put a positive spin on it all, saying that this is “the time to recruit all those citizens who want to help the country, demonstrating a great civic sense.”

Read the full story here.

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