BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis Confirms Fauci Bombshell – It’s DONE

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis loudly proclaimed that he’s had enough of this “COVID theater” at a recent speaking engagement.

DeSantis told a group of students on stage they could remove their masks.

Later, DeSantis joined a roundtable discussion where physicians nationwide attended.

“DeSantis noted a sizable gap between the ‘Faucian pronouncements of what needs to be done’ and the actual data, commenting on the issue during a roundtable discussion with physicians nationwide,” reports Breitbart.

“During the roundtable discussion, aimed to end ‘COVID theater once and for all,’ DeSantis and physicians emphasized that the data often touted by the mainstream media did not warrant the lockdowns and restrictions perpetuated by blue state leaders for literally years,” reports Breitbart.

There is a “gap between the overarching narrative, a gap between the Faucian pronouncements of what needs to be done, and then the actual data that supported or did not support those policies,” DeSantis said.

Then DeSantis dropped the bomb.

“And so there was time and again where the data would diverge from the Fauci pronouncements or from the corporate media or the medical establishment, and in Florida — whether that was having businesses opened, whether that was having kids in school, whether that was about mandating cotton masks, whether that was about mandating vaccines — we always sided with the data and rejected the narrative and that is something that I think was something that’s very, very significant,” DeSantis explained.

To read more comments from DeSantis, click here.

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