BREAKING: Gov. DeSantis Makes Shock Reversal Announcement – Time To…

Governor DeSantis is thrilled. So is the rest of America.

In a complete reversal, Americans will no longer be required to wear masks on airplanes.

DeSantis spoke for all Americans when he said what a relief it is:

“We are very happy that finally we have judicial relief for that unscientific mask mandate on airplanes. They’ve treated these flight attendants horribly for so long — the passengers, horribly. It’s caused huge problems with just behavior because it, it really messes with people and when they announced on those flights yesterday that the judge had ruled. I mean, you saw some of these flight attendants were crying,” he said, referencing the countless videos surfacing on social media showing airline employees embracing each other with joy over the announcement. They were so happy. People were so relieved. And so, you know, we filed a suit against this right before it was supposed to expire, and I think because Florida filed the suit, Biden extended it just because he doesn’t want to give us a win. But by him extending it, it did allow this judge in middle Florida to be able to rule. And so our view is very simple. Zero mandates of any kind.”

Last month, DeSantis had announced he was taking legal action against the unfair mask mandates across America:

“It’s not something that’s grounded in any science because if you have somebody sitting in the window seat and they’re nibbling on peanuts for two and a half hours, they can have their mask down. You have the person in the middle seat that is not eating, if they just wanted to read a magazine without the mask, somehow that would be a big problem.”

Common sense wins again. Unfortunately that’s considered a massive victory in Joe Biden’s America.

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