BREAKING: Gov. DeSantis Drops Hammer On Democrats – They Are FURIOUS…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that his administration will be working to make schools safer in direct repudiation of the Democrat Party’s onslaught of attacks against the 2nd Amendment.

Governor DeSantis signed the “Freedom First Budget” on Thursday, which directs funds towards combatting mental health issues as well as hardening Florida’s public schools.

During a press conference on Friday, Governor DeSantis said, “If you look at our budget … we had another major increase in funding for school safety and for mental health and, you know, when you’re talking about school security, the thing is, is for whatever reason — I think going back to Columbine — this has become something where these deranged psychopaths have certain targets and some of them go to schools as a way to kind of maximize the trauma to a community.”

While the left exploits these tragedies to strip us of our freedom, Governor DeSantis is tackling the root causes of these horrific acts of violence.

Governor DeSantis continued saying, “We’re going to continue to be very strong in terms of our school safety. I just think as a parent of young kids, that’s something that’s very sensitive to me and to my wife, and I’m happy to say in Florida, we’ve put our money where our mouth is.”

Governor DeSantis’s decision to tackle real issues instead of attacking our constitutional rights has put the left in a bad spot. Their bad faith arguments have been exposed, and they are also wasting valuable time that could be spent on making real changes to save lives.

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