BREAKING: GOP Wannabe BUSTED After Secret Video Surfaces – You Won’t Believe…

A video of millionaire Mike Gibbons, who is campaigning for the United States Senate in Ohio’s Republican primary, recently surfaced, and it may have ended Gibbons’s political aspirations.

The video of Gibbons is from September of 2021 during an interview on Crain’s Cleveland Podcast.

During the interview, Gibbons claimed that “The top 20 percent of earners in the U.S. pay 82 percent of federal income tax … and, you do the math, and 45 percent to 50 percent don’t pay any income tax, you can see the middle class is not really paying any kind of a fair share depending on how you want to define it.”

Gibbons’s decision to attack the middle class should immediately raise alarms with Republican voters about who Gibbons truly is.

Gibbons continued by saying, “Now the problem is, you need the middle class to win an election. So the narrative is, the middle class is getting screwed and the wealthy, the elite … are cheating everybody.”

The reality is the American middle class is shrinking and the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to widen. Gibbons likely wasn’t expecting this podcast interview to resurface, and now that it has, voters know that Gibbons is not their man.

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