BREAKING: GOP Unveil Election Surprise – Democrats Are FURIOUS

The GOP just unveiled an election surprise and Democrats are absolutely furious. A pro-Trump member of Congress made the stunning announcement.

Newly-elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) responded to a spat about mask-wearing by revealing the mask she has chosen to wear when it is required. It simply says “TRUMP WON” in big, bold letters.

Supposedly, the controversy started when there was a dispute as to whether masks would be worn on the House floor, with Greene objecting to having to wear one. It didn’t take long before liberals on social media took notice.

However, as Greene herself said, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “changed the COVID rules because she is desperate to cling to the gavel,” allowing Democrats to break her previous rules in order to vote for her.

“No one can attack me about masks, when Pelosi is sending Democrats to the floor with positive COVID tests to vote for her for Speaker,” said Greene. This new wave of Republicans isn’t going to let Pelosi get away with her games.

Greene is also prepared to take part in objecting to the election results this week and forcing a floor debate on the issue. It may not change the outcome, but the American people deserve to see all of the evidence. It is only right.

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