BREAKING: GOP Reveals Biden Energy Secret – He’s Not Going To Recover…

Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance slammed his opponent Tim Ryan (D) and President Joe Biden over skyrocketing gas prices as he campaigned for the midterm elections.

Gas prices have surpassed $5 per gallon in Ohio, more than doubling since January 2021 as Biden and Democrats do everything they can to restrict oil supply in the U.S.

“There is no one else to blame for the record-high gas prices that are devastating Ohioans other than Joe Biden and his extreme allies in Congress like Tim Ryan,” Vance said.

“Tim Ryan is a failed 20-year career politician who has voted for Joe Biden’s radical inflationary agenda 100 percent of the time in Congress,” Vance continued. “Ryan may lie thru his teeth to the people of Ohio about being a so-called ‘moderate,’ his actual voting record tells the story of a Congressman who sold his constituents out to leftwing special interests long ago.”

Republicans are looking to retake control of the Senate, and Vance’s election would be a good step in that direction.

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