BREAKING: GOP Releases Trump Plan For 2024 – Nation Shocked

A top GOP congressman is making a bold prediction about Donald Trump.

“He’s not going to be our nominee,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana.

Cassidy said he doesn’t think Trump helps the GOP if he doesn’t help the GOP win.:

We absolutely feel like we need a Republican Party which is committed to conservative values that will bring it forward. As regards the president … returning to power, he lost. We lost the House. We lost the Senate. We lost the presidency and four years. Hasn’t happened since Herbert Hoover. Parties and elections are about winning. So, if you just want to brass tax it, we need to win. We can see that voters in swing districts did not swing for the Republican Party — they swang away. I supported the president’s policies. I was all on board — one of the senators that voted with him the most often — but parties are about winning, and unfortunately, over the last four years, we had a track record of losing. We need to win going forward.

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11 Responses

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      1. Another rino to primary. No one would have won except for the demo and rinos stealing the 2020 election. Thanks for exposing yourself dummy

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  3. The reason we lost all of that was because of all the fraud and Democratic biased Media to influence the American Public that Trump and every other Republican was bad for the country.

    1. Very true Trump got screwed. So did we and our great country. Joe and his circus freaks are really hurting us right now. They can’t even make an economy roll.

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  5. THAT! Is the reason I don’t give a dime to the GOP! I will only start donating to Trump when Trump runs in 2024.

  6. I don’t give to the GOP, I will give to P. Trump cause I trust him, but these GOP’s no way. I’ve not seen most of the GOP DO ANYTHING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE EXCEPT TALK ABOUT IT.

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