BREAKING: GOP Makes Nationwide Move – Democrats Terrified…

Republicans are eyeing a nationwide takeover of State Governor’s mansions after Glenn Youngkin’s upset victory in Virginia.

Republican strategists have been busy laying the groundwork for other Republican candidates to follow in Youngkin’s steps.

President Biden’s horrific approval ratings are dragging down Democrats, and the historical midterm pattern isn’t helping Democrats’ chances of retaining power.

Miles Coleman, an associate editor for the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, laid out the situation saying, “Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are all states where Biden won but performed worse than he performed in Virginia.”

Republicans have a roadmap to take what they did in Virginia and repeat it in states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Democrats are terrified, and rightly so. When the dust settles in next year’s midterm elections, Republicans could hold power in Congress as well as a majority of the Governor’s mansions.

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