BREAKING: GOP Insider Reveals Supreme Court Shocker – Nation Stunned…

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah wrote a book that he hopes will help prepare the American people for what the Democratic Party has planned.

Lee’s book, “Saving Nine,” is set to come out this week.

“Lee said he wrote the book to sound the alarm that the left wanted to expand and pack the Supreme Court and what that could lead to. He also warned that the court had not been threatened like this since 1937,” reports Breitbart.

“I wrote ‘Saving Nine’ to help prepare the American people for what the left plans, which is to expand or pack the Supreme Court,” Lee said, “to pass legislation giving President Biden the power to appoint up to four additional Supreme Court justices — not because the Supreme Court’s overworked and understaffed but rather so that President Biden can dictate the outcome of decisions he doesn’t like.

I started seeing this coming over a year ago, and I wrote ‘Saving Nine’ to protect the Supreme Court but not just the court, but the country itself, the Constitution and our system of government,” Lee added.

“As I explain in ‘Saving Nine,’ which is available for preorder now, you can read this book, and it will prepare you,” Lee continued. “You’ll win every argument not just about court-packing but about anything else in government these days because it gives you the tools you’ll need in order to stop it.”

“Look, the last time the Supreme Court of the United States was threatened like this was back in 1937. As I explain in ‘Saving Nine,’ even though that effort failed legislatively, it still had an impact on the court because it threatened and coerced the justices to the point that one of them switched his vote. You can read all about that story in ‘Saving Nine,'” Lee concluded.

To read this full story and get more information about Lee’s book, click here.

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