BREAKING: GOP Gov. Sends Urgent Message – Don’t Back Down

The “woke” corporations of America and the MLB are showing the nation they care less about election integrity than they do about virtue signaling to the progressive left socialist base of the Democrat party.

But now is not the time for surrender, according to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

“I can tell you — we are not backing down,” said Gov. Kemp. “The members of the legislature that voted on this bill that were duly elected in November are not backing down. People are rising up because they’re worried. They’re worried. You know, they’re worried who’s going to — what sport is going to be next? You know what event is going to be next? What business is going to be next?”

Kemp, a Republican, made his comments while appearing on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

To read more about Kemp’s comments, click here.

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2 Responses

  1. I hope the gov will not back down on this one as so many have in the past. Stay the course! No more coco cola for me for the rest of this year, let alone no rides projected on the air lines involved in this deal. LA

    1. Marlan, stay away from Home Depot, Aflac, Google, Facebook, and as you said, Delta and Coke, as well as anything MLB for their anti America stance.

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