BREAKING: GOP Gets Fantastic News From Georgia – White House Cheering

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) is calling for a full audit of the presidential vote in Georgia that includes signature verification, which was not included in the initial recount of votes, and an investigation of illegal absentee votes.

“There’s still some hope,” Hice said. “The Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit in Georgia today, so that will begin another round of investigation. We all knew this recount was a charade. We knew it was a joke from the very beginning. They were not examining and really looking into two key areas, one being the signature verifications, and number two, the legal versus illegal ballots.”

Hice believes that signature verification could make an “enormous” difference in the vote count and pointed out that previous elections have disqualified an average of three-and-a-half percent of ballots for mismatched signatures and other illegalities.

In the 2020 election, only .3% were thrown out. The difference would be 40,000 votes, the majority of which would likely be for Biden.

Hice said that failed gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams was behind getting the signature requirement removed from absentee ballots, and that she has already signed up 600,000 Democrats to get absentee ballots for the upcoming Senate runoffs in the state. “It is a frightening scenario that’s going on,” Hice said, “and so we’ve got to get to greater accountability, enforcing the laws that already exist.”

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