BREAKING: GOP Congressman Exposes FBI Bombshell – Can’t Be Trusted…

Representative Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, recently stopped by for a riveting segment on Fox News.

While there, Biggs highlighted one of the biggest problems facing Americans today: our inability to trust those in power over us.

The Biden Administration has taken freedoms that we used to take for granted, and put them out of reach.

Don’t believe me? Then what were all those mask mandates about?

The CDC admitted time and time again that the mandates weren’t effective, yet they kept coming.

Maybe that’s because it wasn’t about health, it was about POWER.

Andy Biggs thinks that we need to be very careful because that same attitude is already seeping into the FBI, also controlled by Joe Biden.

The FBI has provided almost zero transparency lately, and that’s a HUGE problem for such a powerful organization.

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