BREAKING: GOP Announces Military Reversal – Democrats Hate This…

What a spit in their face that was.

These people had signed up willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and our government discharged tens of thousands of them for refusing to comply with Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate?

These are American heroes, being vilified by liberal politicians for no reason other than political propaganda.

Now, at lease five Republicans in the House of Representatives are standing up for the tens of thousands of service members that were discharged for not complying with a vaccine mandate, and making sure that servicemembers in the future are not subject to the same prejudice.

The Representatives that have introduced bills that would prohibit discharges that are done exclusively because of the service member’s vaccine status are Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Brian Mast of Florida, Chip Roy of Texas, and Chris Smith of New Jersey.

As you might expect, all of those Representatives are Republicans.

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