BREAKING: Google Gets NAILED – Lawsuit Exposes It All

Google, an Alphabet owned company, may finally be held accountable for its ultra-leftist tactics and hostile, monopolistic strategies.

According to a report from Breitbart News, over 38 states and the federal government file suit against the big tech giant “over antitrust violations pertaining to its domination of the search engine market.”

Bloomberg News reported:

The attorneys general contend Google’s search engine has grown so powerful it has effectively become “a monopolistic gatekeeper, free to limit passage across the internet and to charge supracompetitive tolls.” They repeat the Justice Department’s assertion that the company’s multibillion-dollar distribution agreements to make its search engine the default option on mobile devices artificially limit competition. But the states also build upon the case by contending that Google has also stifled other internet companies in specialized categories such as travel, home repair and local services by lowering their prominence on search result pages and through domineering business practices. The list of affected companies include TripAdvisor Inc., Yelp Inc., Expedia Group Inc. and ANGI Homeservices Inc. Google, in a blog post response, said its search engine is made to give users the “most relevant” information, adding changing their pages would “harm the quality” of the search experience.

The suit describes how vendors working with Google are virtually forced to accept “a deal with the devil.”

To read more about the lawsuit, click here.

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