BREAKING: Google Gets BUSTED – Attorney General Moves To…

The business practices of tech giant Google, have drawn the increased scrutiny of the Attorney General’s office.

“Google’s plan to block the web activity trackers called ‘cookies’ has become a major source of concern for DOJ investigators who have been asking ad industry executives whether the move will impact smaller Google rivals,” reports Breitbart News.

The move with “cookie” was first spun by Google as a move to protect users’ privacy. But closer inspection revealed that it would actually separate Google’s rivals from getting needed info about browsing trends.

Google would retain the info but other companies would be denied it making Google’s ability to serve relevant ads far surpass their competition.

Investigators from the DOJ have “begun asking whether Google is using the Chrome browser to reduce competition by preventing rival ad firms from tracking users via cookies while leaving loopholes for Google to gather data with cookies, analytics, and other tools.”

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