BREAKING: Google Gets Bad News – Congress Makes Its Move

A number of major conservative groups wrote a letter Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) urging him to appoint Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) as the ranking member of a House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law that will investigate Google for possible antitrust violations.

Leaders from the groups said Buck “has demonstrated himself to be a thoughtful legislator on issues relating to antitrust.”

In October, Buck published a report that argued “Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook have used their monopoly power to act as gatekeepers to the marketplace, undermine potential competition, and pick winners and losers, all while simultaneously cozying up to unfriendly nations like China in order to further expand their global footprint.”

Buck “has also shown his dedication to standing up against Big Tech’s censorship of conservative viewpoints, which threatens the freedoms of speech and expression for all Americans,” the letter read.

Republicans in Congress would like to repeal Section 230, a provision in a decades-old law that prevents social media platforms from being sued because of information published there by third parties. They think a Section 230 repeal will force platforms to be less biased in information they permit to be published.

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