BREAKING: Google EXPOSED – Expert Reveals Sick Truth

It has become increasingly apparent in recent years that the liberal tech overlords who dominate Silicon Valley and social media platforms are overtly biased against conservative and independent thought and speech.

That problem will almost certainly only get worse, particularly in light of a revelation from Breitbart News’ tech reporter Allum Bokhari that Big Tech firms like Google and Facebook could soon scan people’s posts for alleged “hate speech” with special algorithms that would then bury the post so nobody could see it.

“The things I’ve heard from my sources inside Silicon Valley is quite terrifying,” Bokhari said during a radio interview on TALK 94.5 WTKN this week.

“Increasingly, with these hate speech algorithms, everything you post on social media will be scanned by an AI algorithm, sometimes before you even post it, and that’ll determine whether it appears at the top of people’s feeds or gets buried,” he added.

Bokhari noted that “artificial interference” like the algorithms were how Google and Facebook and others were attempting to suppress popular conservative and independent content from being widely viewed and shared on their respective platforms.

You can read the entire story right here.

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