BREAKING: Google Election Conspiracy – DOJ Drops Bombshell

The news just dropped about an alleged ‘Google election conspiracy’ and the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been notified. A high-ranking U.S. senator raised the alarm — and now we will see how the DOJ decides to take action.

“While monopolistic behavior alone should warrant Department action, it’s even more alarming that reports suggest Google is using that monopoly to achieve political goals and influence American elections,” wrote Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) asking the DOJ to investigate Google.

Cotton is concerned that “Google’s dominance of online searches violates antitrust law” and therefore could be influencing our elections as a result. After all, when a person is using a search engine, the results drive the information that is seen, read, and sometimes even believed.

His letter, addressed to Attorney General William Barr, also mentioned so-called “blacklists” — which he alleges, based upon “a source from Google” at the company itself, “are used to block conservative media from showing up in ​‘featured snippets,'” wrote Cotton.

Additionally, Cotton brought up another story in which search results on YouTube (which is owned by Google) were “manipulated” in order to cut down on the number of pro-life videos showing up on the popular video platform. This is an extremely disconcerting charge.

Should the DOJ decide to move forward with an investigation, it will be interesting to see what could be discovered about Google’s internal activity and whether the tech giant is playing fairly. As with any case, of course, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. That is the beauty of our system.

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