BREAKING: Google BUSTED – They’ve Been Lying All Along

Google has been busted for lying to people about how they can remove their online data.

Reportedly, Google keeps your data from and YouTube even after users manually clear all data, cookies, and search history.

The tech giant claims that this is a bug and not a feature of the search engine’s data collection net. This was disproven when it was revealed that this issue only affected Google’s sites.

Programmer Jeff Johnsons said, “Perhaps this is just a Google Chrome bug, not intentional behavior, but the question is why it only affects Google sites, not non-Google sites. I’ve tested using the latest Google Chrome version 86.0.4240.75 for macOS, but this behavior was also happening in the previous version of Chrome. I don’t know when it started.”

Google responded to the news saying, “We are aware of a bug in Chrome that is impacting how cookies are cleared on some first-party Google websites. We are investigating the issue, and plan to roll out a fix in the coming days.”

Why is it that third parties continue to discover “bugs” in Google’s data collection systems which Google then fixes? Google’s response reeks of “Sorry we got caught.”

Read the full story here.

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